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Welcome to http://www.railshotsuk.com. This site is likely to remain a work in progress because I have railway photographs dating back to 1963 to scan and upload, hopefully over the next couple of years, and am constantly adding to my collection. Meantime, have an enjoyable and interesting visit. I can be contacted on peterrslater@hotmail.co.uk. Pete Slater, Devon, December 2010.
PS: Look out for a book Bristol photographer Dave Gower and I have published through Blurb. It's called Sixties along the Severn and Wye and it can be found in the online Blurb Bookstore. It contains pictures of all 100 Class 60s at work on the scenic stretch of line hugging the Severn and Wye estuaries between Gloucester and Severn Tunnel Junction.
PPS: I finally started to scan the myriad slides in my collection in early 2014 and by June, 2015, had completed the 350 or so boxes, each containing around 36 pictures of variable quality. In doing so, I occasionally come across shots taken by my late brother Geoff, who became interested in railway photography at Manchester University in the 1960s and continued taking the odd picture into the 1980s. These will be dropped into a gallery called the Geoff Slater Collection in the Diesel and Electric Locomotives category. In June, 2015, I started scanning my collection of B&W 35mm and Brownie box camera negatives, dating from 1963.
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